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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Green Roofs can help in winter

here's hoping this catches on...

Danny is weird

The collected wit and wisdom of Daniel Libeskind:

* "Only those who are frightened by worms possess sanity, desecrate gilded towers, endure."

* "Our days steadily bevel Mt. Zion into a figure resembling a tormented, destitute woman wrapping detonating charges around her forefathers before the gates were opened."

* "America turns its mass-produced urine antennae toward Caesar's arrogant ganglion, while history is advocated by utopians as a substitute for defecating."

* "Executives are praying to a chicken, confident of their brazen dream in which cherubs can not grieve but are instead forced to defecate on ruins in their doctor's presence. Cities fold their legs under tunnels. Culture will be reprieved when the lamb straightens out its doubly coiled intestine."

* "Totalitarianism is a magnificent idea which will eventually destroy the supremacy of White Biology. But a successful portrait of Jesus cannot be as beautiful as a painting depicting the sycamore tree unto which he swooped."

* "Jesus invented seduction by exposing the mother to a contemptuous kangaroo court. But Jesuits inverted seduction by being first to spit in local theaters. Though gifted, these military-minded gentlemen campaigned eagerly on behalf of the sly, the snobbish; assailed memorials by turning them into plastic souvenirs."

* "Christ had definite allergies, as do missionaries: both gadgets camouflage the truth by disguising themselves as infants, or change the appearance of dead sylphs, bound to move the surroundings."

* "God is spying on you. Please be sure to repeat the cold war while there is still a scent of chloroform in the nest."

* "Jews temper the message of Passover by intravenous commentaries. Christians acquiesce to a future in which any sedate typist pretentiously displaying software will be disguised as a dry shrub or a civilian."

* "Tempestuous Jewess, commence your flight on a ship sailing for Riga, all pink. She'd rather disrobe in public than slow the hedge-sparrow in glass."

* "Moslems resent that neither Allah nor the scent of a future B.C. can be resurrected by gently pulling the nose's hard ridge with a somber gesture of the hand — the same one they use to launch little paper airplanes in the market."

* "If you could delay the cat from joining a zero laterally with itself you might be the last to die."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Climate Signals

Evidence proves that economic ruin will not result if the US moves to control GHGs. [from NY Times]