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Monday, July 18, 2005

i'm currently in the City of Calgary for a conference. I met Leon Krier this morning as he was also the keynote speaker after breakfast. he gave a powerful talk, using James Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency as background, he wove together a discussion on regional urbanism, modernism vs. modernity, the role of climate and topography within the traditional city, and the impending transition to the future state of the traditional city as a radical and scary ride. In my mind, the revolution to the new city form will be a transformation that the word "radical" could never hope to describe - it will be forced upon us, and we must get our affairs in order immediately. Cities within a city - the move towards polycentric vs moncentric cities (which reflect the traditional model) - must be realized if we are to find any stability in the Long Emergency. (pictures to follow)



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